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How long does it take to remodel in Corvallis?

How Long Does It Take to Remodel In Corvallis?

When you’re gearing up for a remodeling project, knowing how long it will take is key for planning and peace of mind. In Corvallis, just like anywhere else, the timeline for renovations can vary depending on what you’re doing. We’ll

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How Much Does a Custom Home Cost in Corvallis, OR?

At Henderer Design + Build, we go beyond construction; we craft living spaces that resonate with your personality and aspirations. From the initial conceptualization to the final touches, our experts are dedicated to ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your vision. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart, guaranteeing a home that stands the test of time and leaves a lasting impression.

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2024 Corvallis Home Remodeling Trends

Welcome to Corvallis, Oregon, where the design scene is buzzing with excitement for the trends that 2024 has in store. In this picturesque city nestled in the Pacific Northwest, local charm meets modern innovation. As we step into the new year, homeowners and designers are set to weave the natural beauty of the region into their living spaces. From stylish kitchens to eco-friendly touches, Corvallis is poised to embrace a blend of functionality and local flair. Join us as we take a peek into the upcoming design trends shaping homes in this welcoming Oregonian community.

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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Corvallis, Oregon?

If you’re curious about the expenses involved in crafting your dream kitchen, you’ve come to the perfect place. Henderer Design + Build is Corvallis’s preferred and most trusted remodeling company. Our dedicated team collaborates with numerous homeowners every year, guiding them through the transformative process of designing and constructing their ideal kitchens.

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Corvallis Whole Home Remodeling Cost Guide

Understanding the Investment: A 30-Year Expertise Perspective When it comes to considering a home remodeling project, there’s no denying that cost plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process. We understand the value of transparency and insight into remodeling expenses.

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Light wood shaker-style custom cabinetry with white and gray speckled countertops, jack and jill updated bathroom remodel - Henderer Design + Build, Corvallis OR

Custom Cabinetry: 4 Popular Choices

There are many options when it comes to choosing cabinetry and it can easily become overwhelming. How do you know which style works best for you and your space? What is the difference between stock and custom cabinetry? Which custom

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Single family residence exterior with cedar shingle siding and blue paint, wood fence and white entry with trusses, blue sky and trees in background built by Henderer Design + Build Corvallis, Oregon

Henderer Design + Build Wins NARI® Recognition­

Henderer Design + Build has been announced as the winner of The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI)’s 2022 Regional Contractor of the Year (CotY) in the Residential Exterior $100,001-$200,000 category in its annual awards competition. ­ About the Award-Winning Project: 

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Asian-inspired galley kitchen design

Aging in Place: Must-Have Features

We’ve talked about Universal Design and Aging in Place on our blog before but this time we want to discuss a few of the very basic features that can make the aging in place transition simple, cost-effective, and stylish.  Starting

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Storage Solutions for the New Year

Whether you are renting an apartment, remodeling, or building from scratch, everyone has a need for storage solutions. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little organization and a good design can change your everyday rhythms!  Here are some

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2022 interior design trends

2022 Interior Design Trends Forecast

Our 2022 interior design trends forecast has arrived! This is always an exciting time for us folks in the design-build industry. Here are a few of the 2022 interior design trends that have us feeling eager for the new year:

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prep your home for winter ice falling off gutters of home

How to Prep Your Home For Winter

As the days grow shorter and the weather becomes colder here in the Willamette Valley, it’s the perfect time to prep your home for winter. Here are a few basic tips for winterizing your property:  1. Cover Exterior Water Spigots

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safe families benefit cardv woman holding baby's feet

CARDV’s Virtual Safe Families Benefit

Henderer Design + Build is proud to be the presenting sponsor for CARDV‘s Virtual Safe Families Benefit. HDB President, Dave Henderer, has a message for anyone interested in attending this must-watch event: CARDV (Center Against Rape & Domestic Violence) exists

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what to expect during construction shows tools, hard hat and blueprints

What to Expect During Construction

So, you’ve been through the design process, but now you may find yourself unsure of what to expect during construction. Have no fear! We’re here to make this process as simple as possible. Before any project begins, you, your designer,

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what to expect during design shows paint samples and tools used for design

Remodeling: What to Expect During Design

Design is the key component in embarking on any home renovation project. It’s exciting to gather ideas and inspiration for your project but it may be overwhelming to think about what to expect during design and how to actually get

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design style mid century modern open concept kitchen to living

Top 6 Home Design Styles in 2021

There are endless choices when it comes to design styles and choosing the right one for your own home can be overwhelming. Understanding each of the different types and which of them might best suit your personality is a great

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Open concept mid century modern dining room to kitchen with outdoor sight-lines

Open Concept and Prioritizing Spaces

Open concept or traditional, closed room concepts? There is no right or wrong answer to this long-time debate. After all, open concepts or traditional concepts will always be up to the preference of the homeowner. But we do know that

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grandparents on the couch with grandchildren laughing multigenerational housing

What is Multigenerational Housing?

What is Multigenerational Housing? Also referred to as “multi-gen” or “next-gen homes”, multigenerational housing is defined as two or more generations living together, typically under one roof. There are many possible living arrangements that can accommodate multigenerational living but the

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universal design and your forever home - aging in place curbless shower with built in bench - henderer design and build

Universal Design and Your Forever Home

In our last post, we discussed Universal Design and what it means to create spaces that are accessible for all. Universal design principles apply not only to people with disabilities but to a wide range of people for a variety

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What is Universal Design?

Universal design is the process of creating spaces that are accessible to people of all ages, sizes and abilities. This style of design not only focuses on physical building elements but rather an accessible environment.  Often confused with ADA (Americans

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industrial kitchen design, home remodel - Henderer Design + Build, Corvallis OR

How to Refresh Your Kitchen

Are you looking to refresh your kitchen but not sure about committing to a full remodel? These tips are sure to give you some inspiration regardless of your budget!  First things first, consider the general theme or feel that you’re

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things to consider when hiring a contractor

Hiring a Contractor: What to Consider

So, you’ve decided to remodel your home… Congrats! This can be such an exciting time as you gather ideas and begin to visualize the possibilities of your home’s future. But, first, it’s time to consider hiring a contractor and it’s

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four essential home décor elements

Four Essential Home Décor Elements

When it comes to home décor in 2021, there seems to be an overwhelming need for comfort within our spaces. This makes a lot of sense after a year of lockdowns and extra stress. A cozy space can do wonders

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cleaning supplies

Spring Cleaning Tips: Natural & Organic

It’s National Spring Cleaning Week! So, we thought it would be a good idea to offer up a few of our go-to natural and organic spring cleaning tips. It’s also been one whole year since Covid came into our lives

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