Storage Solutions for the New Year

Whether you are renting an apartment, remodeling, or building from scratch, everyone has a need for storage solutions. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little organization and a good design can change your everyday rhythms! 

Here are some tips and ideas for maximizing storage of all your favorite items in efficient, organized, and in visually beautiful ways. 

  1. Glass panel cabinet faces

    Show off your beautiful dishes and lighten up your kitchen with glass panels. Take this Farmhouse Kitchen for example!
storage solutions showing glass panel cabinet faces with blue custom cabinetry and white quartz countertops
  1. U-shaped pullouts

    Utilize the space under your sink and easily access your items with a u-shaped pullout.
kitchen cabinet design - Henderer Design + Build, Corvallis OR, storage solutions
  1. Laundry hamper pullout

    Keep your laundry tucked away, sorted, and easily accessible with a hamper pullout
  1. Inset medicine cabinet

    For a flush, modern look that saves space, use an inset medicine cabinet.
  1. Corner Shelving

    Is your kitchen tiny and lacking counter space? Discretely store your small appliances with easily accessible pull-out corner shelving.
  1. Drawers in drawers

    Another way to customize the inside of your cabinets to create unique solutions is by adding drawers within a drawer.

If your new year resolution is to streamline your organization, these storage solutions could really come in handy. Let us know how we can help you execute these ideas in your own home!

This article was written by Henderer Design + Build’s Junior Designer, Jaime Law | December 2021

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