Your dream taking shape step-by-step

Collaborating from planning through build is the key to success

Instead of hiring an architect or designer to design a project, who then assigns tasks to several contractors, Henderer Design + Build + Remodel controls every aspect from start to finish. Bids aren’t passed along to subcontractors — estimates are written here, by the same people who design and will then build to fit a reliable budget.

Step One

Getting to know each other

At our first meeting, we’ll have a chance to get to know each other and ask and answer questions. Your preliminary budget, design ideas, style, project scope. We look through your sketches, talk about our past projects — everything. This is fun. We get a chance to know you and start sharing ideas back and forth.

Step Two

Preliminary Design

We gather as much information as possible, taking measurements of your existing home. We inspect basic infrastructures such as central heating and a/c and take note of structural situations which may need new engineering. Then we begin sketching out the floor and space plan of your new home. You’ll begin to see new possibilities through the eyes of our talented designers; but remember, you’re on the design team too. These preliminary sketches are meant to be altered to reflect your vision and project goals.

Step Three

Design Development

Our designers are talented listeners, inviting and incorporating your feedback, providing options along the way. This close collaboration ensures you get the design you envisioned — tailored to your specific needs and tastes. You’ll come to our studio to see options for finishes — countertops, cabinets, and flooring. We’ll guide you through these selections, with product specifications and pricing, so you’ll know how each impacts your design and budget. As we refine the preliminary design, we collaborate with our building team to fine-tune the design and estimate.

Step Four

Construction Drawings

Once the final touches are put on the design and approved by you, now it’s time to create the blueprints we’ll use to build your project. Everything is included in these documents, from wall relocation to the location of light switches. As we’re doing these drawings, you’ll be confirming your final product selections. Once that’s done, we’ll give you the final price quote for the project — and it’s time to start building

Step Five

Building begins!

With your approval of our agreement, we prepare our construction schedule and completion date. You’ll be excited to get started, and as we gear up to get your project going, our entire team looks forward to guiding the project through to completion. You’ll notice we schedule with you those days and times our crew will need to be in your home so you can plan your schedule around our activity. You’ll appreciate the pains we take to minimize dust and noise and see a spotless construction site. You’ll get to know our craftspeople as they professionally go about their work. We take care of all the permits and inspections so your project moves along without interruption. As new things take shape around you, you’ll be amazed at the transformation taking place. Sooner than you think, we’ll be pulling out for the last time and leaving you to enjoy your new home.

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