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Since 1994, Henderer Design + Build + Remodel has specialized in remodeling and custom-built homes in the Corvallis, Oregon area. Blending innovative design solutions, quality craftsmanship, and your aesthetic vision to create the home you’ve always wanted.


Meet Dave Henderer, Henderer Owner

One can teach a high standard of craftsmanship to anyone hired. What must be innate – in the heart of anyone on board – is the desire to do their best work every day. Those are the people Henderer brings on, people who challenge themselves to learn and perform better every day. Making sure we have that kind of people on board – that’s the most important job of Henderer ownership.

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The Design

Meet the Henderer Design Team ...

All design begins with an understanding of your needs and wishes – getting a complete grasp of your aesthetic and practical requirements. We give our clients a space that is tailored to them in every way. A setting of their choosing to showcase and energize their life.


Meet David Hobbs, Henderer Production Manager ...

Quality-control and integrating construction scheduling is the job of David Hobbs, Production Manager. Making sure everyone has the materials they need keeps every project flowing smoothly. When not in the field, Hobbs is scheduling out the next few month’s of work to ensure the jobs will be running smoothly and on time. 

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The Cost of a Dream Home

Meet Ted Iszler, Henderer Project Estimator ...

Because Henderer holds to the agreed price with no extras, determining the exact cost of every project is key to budget reliability. That means both Henderer and our clients can rely on the agreed budget. To get to that precise figure, our Estimator, Ted Iszler must “build” the project in his mind, taking into account every building process, design feature, and keeping the shifting costs of materials in mind.

Meet our Team

People who are passionate about their craft and sharing their talents with you.

Dave started his carpentry career in 1991 as a carpenter apprentice with a local building company. Since then, he has learned every aspect of being a tradesman, a manager, and a business owner; to this day he never stops learning. Dave is involved in many aspects of the local community including the Rotary Club of Greater Corvallis.

Shelley came onto the team as our office manager, creating systems and managing our day-to-day functions, as well as frequent problem-solving or improving processes to create the well-oiled machine it is today.

Shelley has always had a natural ability to create beautiful spaces, both in her own home and others. She gets to create her own designs and manage her own projects, using the natural talent she’s had all along to take clients’ homes to the next level.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her four now-grown children, walk and play with her four-legged child Pearl (who is also our in-house design dog), and watch TV, reality shows in particular.

sweeping endless sawdust in the shop, and even building fires in the old wood stove while Dave worked in the shop on winter evenings. She spent a year on our production team, learning the ins and outs of how we build and create beautiful projects, learning every aspect from demolition and framing to tile and cabinetry installation. After moving to our support staff position in 2018, Rylee was an integral part of the inner workings of the office, managing client intake, and relationships, running our social media and various marketing, as well as general office support. During her time in the office, she found a love for design and began to pursue education in the field while getting her hands into smaller design projects whenever possible.

Rylee graduated from OSU’s College of Business with two bachelor’s degrees- Interior Design and Design & Innovation Management, with a minor in Family Business. She moved into a full-time designer role in 2021 and has been creating beautiful, innovative spaces already. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, watching movies, traveling, and participating in the Benton County All Girls Rodeo committee as their secretary.

Now, Caleb is gaining additional HDBR experience as the Office Assistant. His long-term goal is to learn sales.

In his spare time, Caleb enjoys fishing, cooking, and anything that involves spending time on the coast.

where she worked on the Hunter Jumper Circuit at Thermal, Blenheim, and Nilforushan. Now, she assists our design department. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys reading, riding horses, and spending time with family and friends.

as well as a master’s in architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating, Brianna worked as a designer for a firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina doing high end residential design as well as commercial (primarily hospitality & retail) buildings and additions.

In her spare time, Brianna and her husband love exploring new places, hiking, biking and traveling to spend time with their families.

She has a great eye for aesthetics, space planning, and creating functional yet beautiful environments. In Iman’s free time, she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her family.

She is our Marketing Director and joined our team in 2023. She runs our social media, internal events/newsletters, and more! She enjoys attending the different local business connections in the area. In Noelle’s free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her family, friends, and her dog. She loves hiking, paddle boarding, and especially camping.

Ted has over 2 decades of experience in carpentry with a passion for finish work. He has worked on virtually every aspect of residential construction during his tenure at Henderer Design + Build + Remodel.

and worked his way up to Production Manager. David is highly skilled in many areas of construction including finish carpentry, framing, flooring, drywall, painting, mechanics, plumbing, electric, scheduling, and project oversight. He is also a certified Lead Renovator.

he is learning the duties and skills of a carpenter, such as, framing, finish work, demolition, electrical, and plumbing.

on violins and other string instruments during his free time. Jeff is also a fan of the Chicago Cubs!

Lukas grew up in Oregon but moved to Mexico from age 5-9 with his parents where they started a children’s home for kids and their parents. Lu loves games of all sorts. You can catch him running, playing disc golf, making videos, taking photos, or reading the same book for the 5th time.

He graduated from Philomath High School in 2016 and began his Carpentry career with Henderer Design + Build + Remodel in February of 2021.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys camping, hiking, reading, spending time outdoors with Brianna, and watching sports, especially Nebraska football!

He enjoys playing soccer, working on cars, and playing video games. Growing up watching his dad work at HDBR sparked an interest in this field, and excited to see where this path takes him!

She even has her own segment on our social media, so look out for “Pearl’s Picks”! In her spare time, Pearl loves bringing sticks into her house, snoring the day away, showing her toys to everyone she meets, and snuggling at home with her mom, Shelley, after a long day of work.

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