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At Henderer Design + Build + Remodel, we believe that every detail matters. You'll see that in our designs and how we incorporate functionality, sustainability, and craftsmanship.


Crafting Custom Homes for Effortless Living: Seamlessly Tailored Spaces, Outdoor Simplicity, Smart Storage, and Lasting Accessibility.

  • Space Planning: Whether it’s a home office, gym, or entertainment area, our customized room layouts are the key to space planning. Tailoring the design to your needs ensures every part of your home serves a purpose, creating a comfortable and efficient environment that suits your unique way of life.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Experience outdoor living made simple and enjoyable in our custom-built homes. Our outdoor kitchens blend culinary delights with fresh air, providing a welcoming space for gatherings. Covered patios offer a versatile haven, shielding you from the elements for year-round relaxation and entertainment. And if you crave the outdoors in every season, our sunrooms let you enjoy natural surroundings in comfort.
  • Storage Solutions: In our custom-built homes, functionality is a priority with smart storage solutions. Bid farewell to clutter with ample, customized closets, and strategically designed built-in units. Your home is crafted to keep everything organized, making daily life simpler and more enjoyable. Welcome to a space where storage seamlessly integrates into the design, adding both convenience and style to your living experience.
  • Accessibility Features: Envision a home where easy and comfortable movement for everyone is a priority, with features like ramps and wider doorways. Our homes are designed for long-term usability, ensuring effortless enjoyment for years to come.


Architectural elegance and personalized details
  • Architectural Style: With our designers’ guidance, choose your preferred architectural style, and let us craft a luxury custom home tailored to your vision. Your dream home is more than a structure – it’s a reflection of you, designed to enhance your living experience in Corvallis. 
  • Flexibility in Design: Experience ultimate design flexibility with our custom-built homes, where every room aligns with your lifestyle. Our commitment is to create unique, beautiful, and functional spaces reflecting your distinctive taste and way of life.
  • Select Features: Choose features that align perfectly with your lifestyle when selecting our custom-built homes. Whether it’s a cozy fireplace, a dedicated home office, additional bathrooms, or a spacious eat-in kitchen, our team is here to bring your preferences to life.
  • Material Selection: Elevate your custom-built home with our material selection process. Opt for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing materials that stand the test of time and enhance your space’s overall appeal. Explore diverse finishes for a custom and refined look that aligns perfectly with your taste. Welcome to a home where every detail reflects your unique style.


Our custom home builds prioritize safety, quality,  coordination, and open communication.

  • Structural Work: We prioritize the structural work from the ground up, building a solid framework that guarantees safety and longevity. 
  • Electrical Work: Our skilled professionals specialize in meticulous electrical installations. Whether it’s smart home solutions or traditional setups, we prioritize secure electrical systems that meet and exceed safety standards.
  • Plumbing: Count on reliable plumbing design in every custom-built home that goes beyond preventing leaks. Our commitment to excellence extends to high-quality and efficient plumbing installations, ensuring a system that stands the test of time.
  • Overall Integration: Our comprehensive utility integration ensures the highest safety standards and peak performance.

The Details

Custom means just that and it extends to every detail of your home.
  • Customized Flooring, Cabinetry, & Finishes: Our selection process balances aesthetics and practicality, ensuring each choice enhances the beauty and functionality of the space. From custom finishes for cabinetry and countertops to high-quality, bespoke built-ins, we pay attention to the details.
  • Smart Home Integration: Advanced home automation systems for lighting, security, and temperature control simplify daily life and improve energy efficiency.
  • Custom Lighting Design: Light up your space with our custom lighting design, where every detail is carefully considered. Our thoughtful placement of lighting fixtures balances ambiance and functionality.
  • HVAC Zoning: Our zoned heating and cooling systems are designed for optimal energy efficiency, allowing you to independently control the climate of specific areas.


Create a green lifestyle with high-efficiency utilities and eco-friendly materials.

  • Energy Efficiency: High-efficiency HVAC systems optimize heating and cooling while minimizing energy consumption. Thoughtful choices like quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and renewable energy solutions ensure sustainable living without compromising comfort.
  • Environmental Considerations: Our commitment to sustainability extends to selecting eco-friendly materials and incorporating sound construction practices. Your home is not only comfortable but also environmentally-friendly, from the ground up.

Home Remodeling Services FAQs

A: A custom home allows for personalized features tailored to your preferences. This can include custom floor plans, unique architectural elements, specialized rooms (home office, gym, etc.), customized finishes, smart home technology, and energy-efficient systems.

A: Our custom home-building services extend throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley, including Corvallis, Philomath, Monroe, Albany, Lebanon, and Scio.

A: Deciding to undertake additional projects alongside your custom home depends on factors such as your timeline, budget, and the scale of the projects. Coordination and careful planning are crucial to ensure a smooth process. To determine what would work best for you, schedule an initial consultation today. Our team will provide personalized advice tailored to your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

A: The cost of a custom home varies significantly based on factors such as size, location, design complexity, and selected finishes. To obtain accurate cost information, it’s crucial to consult with a custom home builder and get a detailed estimate. We invite you to schedule an initial appointment with our team, where we can discuss your vision, assess your needs, and provide you with a personalized estimate for your dream home.

A: The timeline for building a custom home varies based on factors such as size, complexity, and external considerations like weather and permitting. On average, the process can take several months to over a year.

A: No, we do not offer financing at this time.

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