Nature Inspired

Home Remodel

  • Challenge and Inspiration

    This 1964 Ranch Style required a maximization of its small spaces, uses and storage. We always look within the confines of the existing space first then plan any additional square footage.

    By adding a small amount to the entry we were able to create a nice transition from the outside in.

    The homeowners are nature lovers with a huge garden. Any remodelling had to reflect their lifestyle; with a natural feel throughout. The inspiration came from the rainforest marble, so we used both brown and green versions throughout the project to unify spaces.

  • Design Build Solution

    By changing the traffic flow borrowing space (relocating a closet), and pushing out the sink window to extend the countertop we were able to achieve an open feeling in this previously cramped space.

    Adding sky lights on the existing roof plane, between rafters, and extending them to the wall without interruption also makes the space feel larger.

  • Design Build Solution

    The bathroom was all about how space planning. Where there was once a small tub there’s now a spectacular shower and lots of storage.

We incorporated the green rainforest marble, from the entry, as an accent tile in the shower and sink surround.   

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